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We accept certain cases wherein you only pay our firm for legal fees if we get a recovery from the other side.

We Accept No Fee, No Recovery Cases


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You Will Be A Part Of Our Team

Cases, especially litigation cases, requires that you work with your attorneys on a continual basis.  We will consider your input and advice important, and will work with you to achieve the ultimate goal: a successful and happy resolution of your case.

We Strive To Be Cost-Effective

We will handle your case with integrity, honesty and hard work.  We won't take shortcuts and we will always put your interest before ours.

Our Goal Is To Get You Maximum Recovery For Your Injuries

Our firm has recovered millions of dollars for our clients.  Many of our cases have settled for amounts in excess of $100,000.00.

We Practice With Integrity

We tailor the goals you have to the financial resources you want to devote to your case.  Because of our extensive legal experience, we are more effective in leveraging the best outcome for you based on your financial resources and expectations.

We Will Treat You With Respect and Professional

We will always strive to treat you with respect, professionalism and care.  We believe in and practice the golden rule: treat others as how you would like to be treated.

We are very selective in the cases we handle and we devote the time and resources to each and every one of our cases.  No two cases are alike, and so, we don't ever treat your case as if you're just another one of our cases unlike other law firms who see you as a file and not as a person.

To assist us in handling your case, we are connected to a network of legal professionals who can assist us at any stage of your case whenever necessary.

Unlike Other Law Firms, Your Case Will Not Be "Processed"

We Have A Network Of Legal Professionals

Every attorney that will represent you graduated from a nationally recognized, highly respected ABA accredited law schools.  Also, every attorney is experienced, not someone who just has a few years of experience.  

From Day One, our mission has always been to make a positive and lasting difference in the lives of our clients.  We believe in helping to bring the change that we all wish to see in the world.  Achieving fairness, equality and justice really matters to us and serves as our motivation.  We genuinely love helping people with their legal problems and seeing clients happy at the end of their cases makes us happy.

Extensive Legal Experience

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As needed, we regularly associate experienced attorneys that have been in practice for many years. Mr. Aquino, the firm's lead attorney, has handled hundreds of civil cases from start to finish.  To find out more about Mr. Aquino, look at the ATTORNEY PROFILES.


The law firm also has a vast network of readily available resources it can bring into your case including attorneys, paralegals, legal assistants, law clerks, experts, consultants, investigators and other legal professionals to more than match the resources of any large law firm.  In fact, the law firm has successfully litigated against some of the largest law firms and largest companies in the country.  We regularly analyze your case to ensure that we have the resources available to represent your best interests. 





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