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Q: Can you take my case on contingency?


A: It depends on your particular case.  Under California law, certain cases cannot be taken on contingency.  For the cases we do take on contingency, the likelihood of success and recovery has to be present in order to merit the expenditure of the time and resources.  In other words, we won't take your case if we don't see the strong likelihood of a mutually satisfactory resolution.

Q: Does your law firm practice law outside of California?


A: Unfortunately, no.  Our law firm only practices in California because we are only licensed in California.  We cannot provide legal advice to persons who have cases in other states.  However, under certain specific situations, we are permitted to represent persons outside of California if we get permission from the appropriate state agencies.

Q: How much do you charge?


A: It depends on your case.  Unfortunately, no two cases are ever alike.  Time permitting and if your case has merit, the law firm regularly provides free, but very short office consultations.  Our normal hourly rate is between $525.00 - $600.00, depending on the type of legal work involved.  Defense cases are normally handled on a per hour basis, usually with a discount given based on a number of factors including the number of hours it will take to defend the case, past attorney-client relationship and the complexity of the issues involved.  Most Plaintiff cases are normally handled on a contingency basis with no fees paid to our firm until the case is resolved.  However, we are very selective in taking cases on a contingency basis.

Q: Do I have a case?


A: Our law firm can never guarantee the outcome of your case.  The law is not like science where you can add two numbers together and come up with a definitive number as the answer.  Facts and laws are interpreted by people, who have their own biases and different thought processes.  In short, unfortunately, there is no guaranteed case that we will ever represent to you will be successful.  However, we are very successful in the cases we do handle and if we accept your case, that means that we believe in it and that's a good start.

Q: Where can I go if your law firm does not want to take my case?


A: We recommend contacting your local bar association to help find an attorney.  For example, in Los Angeles County you can contact the Los Angeles County Bar Association at (213) 243-1525.  In Orange County, you can contact the Orange County Bar Association at (949) 440-6747.

Q: Does it mean that I do not have a case if your law firm does not want to represent me?


A: Absolutely not.  The law firm only accepts a limited number of cases at any given point in time, and this factor, including many other factors not directly associated with your case, dictates whether we can accept your case.

Q: Does your law firm provide any guarantees on the outcome or success of my case?


A: Unfortunately, no.  Our law firm never guarantees the outcome of any case because there are too many factors beyond our control to be absolutely certain that you will get the outcome you desire or deserve.  Even if you have a terrific case, we cannot guarantee the outcome but we will certainly do our best to get that successful outcome.

Q: Can I rely on any legal information on your law firm's website?


A: Legal information provided in our website is for information purposes only and should not be relied upon because the laws constantly change and you need a thorough consultation with an attorney in order to get the legal information and advice that is specifically tailored to your situation.

Q: Do I become your client because I viewed your website, contacted you for a consultation and/or spoken to your law firm about my case?


A: No.  This law firm only becomes your attorney once a signed retainer agreement is completed by you and an attorney of this law firm.  Although you are not a client until a signed retainer agreement is executed, your communications with us will be kept confidential to the extent permitted by law.

Q: Why do you not offer lengthy consultations over the telephone?


A: Consultations are personal.  Over fifty percent of how people communicate with each other is non-verbal.  In order for us to gauge you as a client as well as assess the facts of your case, we need to personally meet you to discuss your case face to face.  Much like a doctor cannot adequately examine you over the telephone to provide you with a complete or accurate diagnosis, we cannot do the same.  Doing telephone consultations also distracts us from doing work for our existing clients.  In an office consultation, the time spent with you is focused solely on your problems and needs.

Q: What's the best way to contact you for a consultation?


A: You may call or e-mail us.  If you contact us by e-mail, please provide us with a very brief description of your case not more than three pages.  Tell us briefly what your problems are, who is involved, what evidence you have to support each claim you think you have and how to contact you by providing us with your name, telephone number(s) and e-mail address.


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