California continues to pass laws pertaining to sexual harassment, and certain employers continue to ignore the rules. Federal and state statistics document thousands of incidents each year, and from what we’ve seen sexual harassment happens in every industry.

A recent article highlights how states are now focusing in much greater detail on requiring training at the workplace to lower the number of sexual harassment incidents. The article points out that California is the latest state to pass such legislation. However, there will likely be more states soon passing such laws.

What the new law requires

The new California law requires completion of the training by the beginning of 2020. It will require full-time employees to receive such training within the first six months of employment. The law additionally requires temporary employees to complete such training within the first 30 days.

This training applies to all companies with five or more employees. The training must include examples of what harassment is, and it must discuss remedies. There are also requirements that such training address sexual orientation, gender issues, and methods for preventing abusive conduct.

Will the required training have an impact?

Unfortunately, retaliation often comes about following reporting of sexual harassment. And it is unclear as to whether additional laws and training will be effective in reducing the amount of harassment. Too often, employers turn a blind eye to harassment or deny that it ever takes place.

Attorneys knowledgeable of the laws surrounding employment discrimination understand the sorts of conduct we cannot allow to occur. By aggressively representing victims of such harassment, they can force workplaces to implement changes. Those that do not may face extremely harsh consequences.