When a company becomes as big as Amazon, it will have warehouses and other business outposts around the world. For workers in California and across the nation, it is beneficial to have a company so large and successful offering employment to people who need a job. However, just because a company is prominent does not mean they adhere to the law. In fact, it is often the opposite. For those who believe they have been mistreated, it is important to understand that they have rights and should take the necessary steps to file a lawsuit if they are confronted with employment violations.

There have been seven lawsuits against Amazon in the past four years saying the company committed wrongful termination of pregnant employees. In an investigation, only one of the complainants agreed to discuss her case. The woman worked in California and her case was filed early in 2019. According to her, she needed more restroom breaks than the company wanted to provide. Working at a company fulfillment center, there are certain constraints for workers to use the restroom as it requires employees to be “off task.” That means workers are not performing their jobs when they are on break.

The woman said that she would head to the restroom and when she returned, her manager was waiting for her to discuss it. Eventually, she decided to do her best to put off the need to go regardless of how urgent it was and waited until the end of her workday if it was at all possible. She said she did not want to lose her job. Regardless, she was dismissed and told she had been taking too much time away from work. In other cases, employees made similar claims. One stated she became ill during her pregnancy and there was an issue with the baby’s heartbeat, so she took three days off. Since Amazon does not accept doctor’s notes, she says she was fired shortly thereafter. Amazon denies these allegations.

Employees should not fear for their jobs when they become pregnant and need certain accommodations because of their condition. Unfortunately, some companies still hold it against their workers and will commit workplace violations, pregnancy discrimination and wrongful termination to get rid of pregnant workers and to dissuade other employees from becoming pregnant or face a similar fate. For those who have been treated this way, a law firm experienced in representing people who have faced pregnancy discrimination or other kinds of wrongdoing at work should be called for help.