For people in Southern California dealing with sexual harassment, coming forward can be one of the most difficult things to do. This is especially true when the employee is fearful of the consequences on their employment. However, that should not dissuade a person from seeking justice for wrongs that have been perpetrated.

A woman who works as an usher for the Los Angeles Dodgers has alleged that her employer retaliated against her because she complained about being sexually harassed. The woman filed a lawsuit against the team and her boss, among others. She says she was retaliated against, was sexually harassed, faced a hostile work environment, was discriminated against, was subjected to sexual battery and that her employer did not protect her.

She says that her boss made sexual requests to her. He asked her to meet him in his office where she says he made sexual advances and touched her inappropriately. In 2017, she told a coworker who informed the team’s management. An investigation cleared the boss of wrongdoing. She accuses the boss and the team of looking for reasons to dismiss her. Because of these issues, she says she has high blood pressure, panic attacks and other problems.

People who deal with sexual harassment at work are frequently unsure of where to turn to put a stop to the behavior. Even when they do seek help, they are often stonewalled and ignored. A law firm that helps clients with sexual harassment claims should be called for a consultation on how to proceed.