When a woman gets pregnant in California, she has the right to expect that it will not have a negative impact on her career. That includes getting a job, retaining a job and advancing in a job. Unfortunately, there are still employers who will discourage women from getting pregnant and commit pregnancy discrimination if they do. These cases can involve any kind of workplace, even those that are prominent and well-known. Regardless of a person’s job and situation, it is important to understand that pregnancy discrimination is illegal and they have the right to seek compensation in a legal filing if they are subjected to it.

A woman who worked for a restaurant owned by famous chef and restauranteur Thomas Keller has filed a lawsuit claiming she was victimized by pregnancy discrimination. Mr. Keller has restaurants in New York and California. The 28-year-old said that she had been hired in the New York restaurant in 2011. Gradually, she rose in the ranks from server to head waiter. She earned in the six figures. She subsequently visited the California restaurant and informed the general manager that she was thinking about moving there. He responded enthusiastically to the prospect of her working at the West Coast location.

When she returned to New York, she put the plans in place and was set to begin working in California in April 2016. As she was preparing to move, she became pregnant. She told her employer. Emails were exchanged between the general manager and human resources expressing concern about her pregnancy. The woman says that her bosses staged an interview that was not really an interview, but a way to say she was not a good fit for the California job. They admitted this happened in a deposition. In March 2016, she was asked to sign a resignation notice that was needed for the transfer, but she says that was a trick to get her to quit. Once she was in California, she was told there was no job for her. She is seeking $5 million.

People who are confronted with workplace discrimination of any kind must be aware of their rights. Despite the growing attention paid to workplace issues and how people should be treated, there are still incidents in which employees will be demoted, pressured to quit or outright fired for various reasons including pregnancy. It is against the law to do this and those who are mistreated in this way must think about securing compensation with help from a law firm that specializes in pregnancy discrimination.