Many women in California try to work as long as they are able during their pregnancy, assuming workplace conditions are conducive to doing so and they are treated fairly. When you hear about pregnancy discrimination, you might picture it relating to women who work shift hours or do physical labor. However, you should be aware that pregnancy discrimination does not discriminate no matter what your job or salary.

Pregnancy discrimination affects women in every area of the workplace, from hourly wage workers all the way up to corporate executives. It may surprise you to know that many women who file claims have incomes well above $100,000. In fact, CNN recently reported a complaint filed with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission (EEOC) against noted company WeWork. The allegations were made by a former chief of staff against the company’s founder, and assert a long pattern of discrimination during her two pregnancies.

Various contentions made by this employee state that she was paid significantly less than a male colleague who held the same role, and she was demoted upon returning from maternity leave. Also, the lactation room used by the complainant and others was filthy; she was subjected to a boss smoking marijuana in front of her while pregnant; and, she was the recipient of many “troubling” comments made to her, such as calling maternity leave “vacation” and “retirement.” Stories such as this demonstrate that pregnancy discrimination does indeed range from highly paid executives to those making minimum wage.

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